Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In a perfect world....

I would still be on vacation. But little by little reality is pulling me back into it's ugly grips. New York was wonderful! The weather was picture perfect! I went to the Suffolk County Detectives picnic, made a quick trip to New Jersey to meet my great neice and see her sister again, visited tons of farm stands, spent lots of time with family meeting all the new babies that have been born since I was there last and went to a sunset lobster bash. Gosh, I really did not want to come back. I was only back a couple of weeks and then headed to the Texas Coast to spend a few days at the beach with friends as the three of us were celebrating turning 60 this year. Back home, to have my son and his family visit for 4 days. Yes, getting back into work mode is a very harsh reality. I have done a few small things here and there. Nothing to write home about. But I thought I would share and let the world know I am still alive and kicking!

A Name Sign for my daughter

Beach Balls for the grandsons

Baby Washcloth lollipops

Monogrammed Wine Glass

My reason to return to reality

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