Friday, August 1, 2008

Lana has awarded me with the Wylde Woman Award!

Thanks Lana, that was so sweet. Please go visit Lana's blog, there is a link on the left. She does amazing work!

Okay, Iwould like to pass this award on to ,

Shelly, Sharon, Carole, Michelle and DeeDee. Links to all their blogs are also in my favorite places to visit and they all make the most wonderful creations. Please go visit them.


  1. OOOOO....thanks for thinking of me for the Wylde Woman award Kathy! How FUN is this!!!! HUGS!!!!

  2. Oh THANK YOU so very much exciting to be dubbed a Wylde Woman...LOL!!! I really like that title for me at the moment...LOL!!!

  3. Oh how nice and how fun, Kathy. Thank you so much... I love this title...

  4. Thankyou so much kathy !! what a fun award !! i have left an award for you also! hugs !!

  5. Glad you like your award Kathy!!!!!
    Lana x

  6. aww thanks kathy!! gotta figure how to get that onto my blog!! right back at you with the award!