Thursday, July 3, 2008

I want to wish everyone a very happy
Safe 4th of July!
I will be leaving work early today
To drive 3 hours to meet my
son halfway between his house
and mine to pick up
my 19 month old grandson, and than drive
3 hours back home to keep him
for the weekend.
Then Sunday will make the trip again to
return the little one to Mom and Dad.
Since my youngest child is almost 30,
you can imagine that I am starting to get
a little nervous.
Since my scraproom
is my dining room, (and kitchen and living room)
I had to pack everything up and
Put it all out of reach of little fingers.
I was actually finding it
comical that I am so nervous. I raised 5 children,
They all survived. Anyway, I wrote this little poem
to explain what has been happening
At my house.

Oh dear, there’s so much stuff I say.
Way too much to put away, but choking and cutting things
Must go out of sight, dangers to babies cause
Such a fright.
So, I fill all my closets with
All of my treasures, The tools, embellies and papers that bring
Me such pleasure.
And now I feel lost, but it’s so
worth the cost
as snuggles and hugs
are far better than my bugs.
But when will I shower,
When will I sleep.
Oh dear, in apprehension
I am knee deep.
But I know in the end
When it’s all said and done,
it will be a wonderous time
spent with my
precious grandson


  1. OMG, Kathy, this is fantastic poem. I can imagine that you would be nervous.... I would be. It's been a long time since I've had a baby in my charge as Brent will be 39 on July 31st. I know you will have such a glorious time. Hugs.

  2. ryder is flippin adorable!!!
    and kathy i did not know you were a poet too! its funny and sweet at the same time! tfs!!!!

  3. OMG!!!! First, what a little cutie patootie!!!! And second, I LOVE your poem!!!!! I really do love making rhymes, and your's if fantastic! Way to go girl!!!! :) Aren't grandkids just the absolute ultimate in life??!!