Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Candy Time

Last week I stopped by Michael's because I had a 50% off coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. I've been looking for the Fiskers treading water punch and had not been able to find it. Well, bingo, I found it and they had more than one. I decided to pick up an extra and put on here for someone to win.
Okay, here's the catch. Before you leave a comment, do something nice for someone,
something that you normally wouldn't do. Maybe say a cheery good morning to someone on the elevator, tell someone at work who you rarely speak to that they look nice today. That guy that just let you cut in front of him at the toll booth, go ahead and pay the $1 for his toll. That little kid in the store that is 5 cents short of being able to buy the candy bar, go ahead give it to him. You get the idea. Just do domething to make this world a nicer place and put a smile on someone's face if even for a split second. You don't need to tell me what you did. Just leave a comment and I will draw for a winner Sunday afternoon. Good luck everyone!



  1. What a great way to 'pay it forward' I love to ask people to do a kind deed ever since that same request was made by my mom to all the participants at my brothers funeral some 30 years ago, and there were hundreds. I often think if they each did one kind deed how that changed the world !

  2. What a wonderful idea. If only everyone could be a little nicer to each other think how great this world would be! So nice of you to do this.

  3. Lovely idea Kathy! Would like to remember to do it every day. Wonderful blog.

  4. Life is too short to stress and we all need to spread the kindess and joy. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. What a wonderful idea, Kathy. This is a winner idea...and I hope we all can do something. I played it forward this AM when I took Heidi to the vet for her yearly shots, and I took 6 Paper Pups cards for the vet to send to some of his dog's parents. He was so thrilled like I had given him a milliion bucks but he doesn't know we card makers, does he. Little did he know that I sooooo enjoyed making those cards.

  6. A friend at work lost her inside cat. Finally some neighbors helped her get the cat back unharmed.
    At work she muttered that she should send them a thank you.
    The next day I left two thank yous on her desk.
    The cards had a cat sitting on a rug with THANKS on the front. Inside it said,"for helping me get back home."
    I finally got to use some of the PET STACK that I bought a while back.
    It was fun, she was thrilled and it made me feel good.
    Thanks to you Kathy for this great idea.

  7. Great idea Kathy! Been looking for that punch for ages. But I'll find it one day. What a kind thing of you to do. Love your creations on your blog too!


  8. What a fantastic way to enter a drawing ~ great idea. I had an early start to my day and thought I'd start it off by helping a few neighbors who hadn't come out yet. What a great feeling to start the day with!

  9. What a sweet thing for your to do, and think of all the kindess that you are generating........thank you! I absolutely LOVE your altered CD BD Card. What a precious idea.

    Judee in NC

  10. What a wonderful way to inspire kindness to be paid forward. If everyone could do this on a daily basis, this world would be a better place to live. Thank you for starting the ball rolling. You a very kind and generous person.


  11. A wonderful life lesson! I am a firm believer in paying it forward! Thank you for doing this! Your blog is wonderful!

    Melissa Allore
    Cricut Sister

  12. That is really sweet of you to do this! I love paying it forward. It make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Everyone should do something out of the ordinary and special for someone every week. It's a great feeling.


  13. I love the fact that you've asked people to do nice things for others. I remember I always wanted to pay the toll for someone on the bridge; well, I did it finally and it felt sooo good. I'm sure the guy probably thought the world was going to end! You don't see RAKS like that in the SF Bay Area much. Thanks for your generosity!

    Anna'smom (Cricut Board)

  14. What a wonderful way to be entered into a RAK. This is a great idea.

    Don't enter me in. I already have the TW Punch. I just wanted to tell yo thanks & I like your blog.

    LoriBordelon (Cricut MB)

  15. Hello!
    Great blog, great RAK, and great way to pay it forward! Thanks for the chance and the reminder to always do something nice :)
    Kim (MB member)

  16. Great idea for a RAK--and promote kindness also. count me in--

  17. Thank you for the reminder. I try to live my life that way, but sometimes I get off track. I would love to join in your RAK.

    Laurinda (Cricut MB)

  18. Nice idea. This is my first comment on a blog. I love the MB

  19. Well this is just a awesome thing for you to do, and what a wonderful way to get everyone to stop and be nicer even to the stranger across the way.

    Thanks so much and hope to be entered into this blog candy.


  20. I love your CD birthday card- something I will have to try. I also love the idea of doing something nice for someone, something I am trying to teach my 5 boys. If you do nice things, you will be rewarded.

  21. !!! WOW !!! Aren't you so kind & generous.If everyone did just one thing everyday for someone else,can you imagine the impact on lifes around the world :) We are part of a group that helps homeless & folks in need.

    I'd love to be entered for the punch. Thank you.

    Roxanne (Cricut MB)

  22. Thanks for doing this.I try to do something each day to brighten someones day. Lilithbug from Cricut MB