Friday, May 9, 2008

Altered pop top can

I finally got around to making the altered poptop can with a matching card. This one was made with one of the small vegetable cans. What fun! Here's the link with the directions.


  1. Very cute card and altered can. Wow.

  2. woo hoo im the lucky person that received this beautiful gift! as pretty as it looks i this picture, it does not do it justice . i love that stamp!!! ok.. i almost had a flippin heart attack because inside the card was a wind up butterfly that flys out when the card is opened.. im still laughing when i think of that kathy! thank you so much for this and the rak you sent me :)im so thankful for you :) hugs! shelly

  3. Oh Kathy, this looks LOVELY!!!! And a wind up butterfly! LOL!! That would definitely give someone a startle!! LOL! Shelly is a lucky lady to have received this beautiful set! I love it!