Saturday, October 23, 2010

My first try at heavy distressing


After making several signs and only doing a small amount of distressing, I decided to try something different. Donna, from Funky Junk Interior did a tutorial on how she makes old signs. You can see her's here. I had to give it a try. The base coat of paint looks blue, but it is gray paint I made by mixing black and white. Lesson 1: it doesn't take much black paint to make gray(the color in the picture actually looks blue). I didn't completely cover the surface. Then I came back with a haphazard coat of Barn Red, again not completely covering the surface. I stenciled the design on and then attacked it with my palm sander. It looks okay from a distance so I think for awhile it will reside on top of my kitchen cabinets.

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  2. Ohhhh... like this! What part aren't you sure on? (re: needing it at a distance to look good?) It sure looks fab from here.

    And thanks so much for the mention!


  3. I agree--this is GREAT! Did you make the stencil yourself or buy a stencil somewhere? I'd love to know where to get either a stencil or the image you started with.

  4. Hi. I found you on Funky Junks tutorial. Love the sign. I'm a new follower (also a new blogger). How did you make the stencil? Thanks!

  5. all your signs are great!!

    barbara jean