Thursday, March 4, 2010

Repurposing and preserving a memory

The other day I was retrieving some books from a closet and noticed 4 formal gowns that belonged to my mother. My mom passed away over 4 years ago. These were gowns she had worn to her grandchildrens weddings so I really did want to preserve them, but in a way that they would bring enjoyment to other family members rather than just hang there behind a closed door. I'm here to tell you cutting up a perfectly good gown is a really hard thing to do. First I removed the trim that was on the empire waist (notice the beaded flower embellishment) and cut a one flower apart from the rest of it. Then I cut a square from the very bottom of the dress. I traced a pattern on it to make a cone shape. Stitched some lace and the piece of the trim from the dress onto the satin fabric. I sewed the side, filled with some fiberfill and some potpourri, stitched the top closed and added a bow, some flowers and pearls. The gown had a toile petticoat and I had had cut some of that which I planned on using for the top and then forgot to add it, but I'll remember on the next one. I'm thinking of finding wedding pics where Mom is wearing the gowns and making some square sachets, printing the picture on fabric and attaching to the sachet. I have 4 long gowns to work with so please share any ideas you may have. I'm also thinking tooth fairy pouches for all the great grandchildren who have been born since she passed away.


  1. omg kathy! how beautiful this project is and what a wonderful sweet memory for you all. this is one of those put a lump in your throat things. how special! oh and the tooth fairy pouch idea..awesome!

  2. Those sachets are lovely. And the tooth fairy pillow idea is inspired!

  3. i think i would consider some type of Christmas ornament out of them.